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We constantly strive to adjust to the market for more than 11,000 customers. Working in a dependable partnership with manufacturers, we develop own and third-party brands according to our customers’ specifications concerning the design and quality of the products. In addition to selling our own products and services, we take on the marketing and sale of high-quality third-party products. Furthermore, our clientele benefits from our customised logistics service and our network.

Our company employs more than 500 staff in different locations around the world. They are familiar with the international markets and the personal requirements of our customers. They are proud to represent a corporate culture that is characterised by trust, loyalty and customer focus.

Global markets

We offer our customers and suppliers worldwide an extensive range of traditional and innovative materials, serving the primary construction market, the secondary construction market, the industry, as well as the flooring, parquet flooring and Do-it-yourself markets and Internet platforms.

Borders disappear without making the international business any more complicated. We continuously work the individual markets, with their specifics and characteristics, in North and South America, in Western and Eastern Europe, in Asia and South Africa. Our local advisors overcome any language barriers and accommodate intercultural aspects. A supporting network combines know-how with expertise far beyond national borders. Woodag International GmbH has developed from a local into a global market player.

Select quality products

We market and sell high-quality products at an optimum price-performance ratio. In order to meet the requirements of the market and to enable us to offer products of impeccable quality, we continuously invest in innovative, responsible research and development projects. Our products are tested for functionality, environmental and health compatibility.

We subject all products from other manufacturers to a strict quality control process. As a matter of course, we cooperate with reliable partners. 

Customer-oriented services

In our high-tech centres, we execute products and services according to the customer’s requirements. For more than 8,500 different products, Woodag International GmbH offers a logical overview, system consultations and logistics services. Our warehouse capacity comprises well in excess of 150,000 m2 and our fleet of vehicles consists of more than 90 lorries. We are happy to take on both the inventory management and the logistics for our international customers.

Our staff monitor today’s market and identify tomorrow’s trends. This enables us to locate needs-based products globally, to supplement our product range through internal procurement and to continuously adjust it to the market requirements. As already mentioned, in addition to our own products, we are particularly stringent with respect to subjecting internationally procured products to a strict quality control process, which is performed locally by our own staff.

In addition, we are happy to take on general agency of notable suppliers from Switzerland and abroad, as well as the marketing and sale of exclusive products.

Personal know-how

We have a motivated and powerful sales team. Our staff have outstanding experience in the industry and its products. They are familiar with the international markets and have multicultural social and language skills. An extremely comprehensive and service-oriented customer support from start to finish is a matter of course for us. Furthermore, we strive for purposeful cooperation with reliable partners and an extended, competent network.

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All products are tested for functionality, environmental friendliness and health compatibility. All third-party products pass a rigid quality control procedures. Cooperatioin with reliable partners is the most natural thing of the world to usi.

We select ecological construction materials as a matter of course and promote sustainable processing of wood as a raw material and its derivates. Our company is certificated according to FSC. 

Apart from our own products, we check products from international sources rigidly on location by our own employees.

Local Advantages, a Global Network

In cooperation with a competent of network of reliable and innovative partners and producers all over the world, we develop and distribute the right product to answer the requirements of our more than 11,000 customers.

With its locations around the globe, Woodag International GmbH has a well-established network for competence, advice and sales. The individual markets with their specifications and requirements are cared for contrinuosly from  North to South America, from Western to Eastern Europe, from Asia to South Africa. Our local advisors go beyond any language barriers and take intercultural aspects into account.

Stockkeeping, Logistics and Advice

Your special requirements should be met? You need tailor-made advice or qualified planning? Boards should be cut to the millimetre? Deliveries should be fast and reliable? You want products in all price ranges or precisely adjusted system solutions? You have come to the right address - there is almost nothing we couldn't offer you. Just ask us!

Stockkeeping and Logistics

Stockkeeping and logistics are our strong points. We offer you a global network as well as individual, tailor-made logistic solutions. Our stockkeeping area with more than 100,000 square metres is located in Switzerland and abroad (Austria, Germany) and our fleet of vehicles comprises more than 70 lorries.

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